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Sunday, 03 February 2008


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Oh no, Kitten, my heart breaks hearing this. Getting stoned at 13 and hanging out with gang members is not a phase. You are right not to blissfully hope this will go away. I hope you can find a way to talk sense into this child without sending him away. What a nightmare.

Much love.


As a longtime reader of your site, ...I feel grief for you.

Good luck kitten. This is a hard situation, and there is no easy answer here. Good luck.


I cant say what is right or wrong but I know that you cant just let him do the things he is doing stealing from you or anyone else is wrong. Boarding school is one choice. I hope that there they are willing to keep him on a tight leash and not allow him to get more out of control. I wish you luck as I dont know what I would do if this was my kid. 13 is a hard time of life for a boy, but you are right rules are rules and you must not let him just go on his way thinking he can do whatever he wants. you are in my thoughts and prayers.


I'm sorry to hear this. I'm a parent too...with 3 boys. It's important for boys to know that their existence isn't just for them...but to have a "duty" for others that they coexist with. You are going to have a tough time with him but you shouldn't. He needs to understand that he has the ability to make you a happy person with a happy life! Just because "he feels like it" or "that's what he wants to do" isn't the reason he should do it without having consideration for you! Just wait until he has kids or he has to support someone...oh boy...you know, what goes around, comes around!

Tim in London

Best of luck Kitten - mine's 7 and so far still well on the rails but I feel for you... Hope the boarding school works out. For you both.


Oh my God. I'm so sorry to hear of your troubles with him. These days, it really is hard to say if it is truly a phase or not, but I am inclined to agree with Tess and say that this isn't likely a phase. I hate what our children are subjected to these days. It breaks my heart.

I wish you all the best in straightening out this situation. It will take time and strength, and you definitely have what it takes to handle it. You're a great mother, don't ever let anyone steer you wrong.


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