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Tuesday, 12 May 2009


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Kitten u never fail to give me a boner...I want a woman just like you!


soy primero? again? come on guys, u are making it too easy!


u ever done anal Kitten?


omg! Scribbles, where the heck did u come from? and stop crushing on Kitten, she's so taken!


Kitten, please more pointers... thanx

Confessions of a London gal

I see Kenny's not the only tease here! Lol

want to know

Yes Pointers on anal!!


preach on, skit... nothing like a hint of tease... :)


Errrrr KITTEN!!!
Damn MEN!
Gosh! I am sooooooooo going to be just like you when I grow up! WOW!
But anal what!?!??? Hey, I dont think so o. But ... hmmmm

naija shawty

if i were a boy, i wouldn't act otherwise. Kenny's a sharp guy


I like a man who knows whats up..he's in tune with your "come hithers"...;)

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