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Tuesday, 06 March 2012


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Kitten I shed tears reading this. I'm a single mother. My son have not seen his father in over 3 years. I'm glad he's gone. As hard as it is, we are better off without him.
Thank you.


This hits home. My children are grown now, looking back I don't know how I survived single motherhood. It was the most trying time of my life. I love your blog.


... *and exhale* I held my breath through this entire post. my heart bleeds with you and all single mothers out there. you are our heroes.


this hit home really hard! i want babies so bad...but if i cant fight a great dad for them, oh well...
Thank you Kitten and just keep doing what you do. Ceasar will turn out great.


Time and again, in every post, with every word, you reach deep inside


You are by far one of the most gifted writers around. This is a powerful post. I went through a custody battle. The lawyers are the only ones who come out winners. My daughter was nine. I don't see the scars but I know that they are there.


This a great post. Unfortunately, peace and civility cannot be attained with people like CX. And from your description, I woudl definitely say that this guy fits the profile of a sociopath/psychopath. I was married to one. We've been divorced for 14 years and he's still going around smearing my name.


wow Kitten, you are such a strong woman!! Thankful that you have come this far.


My son is 27. I was In court a month ago. My psycho ex have been taking me to court for one thing or another for 27 years.

F. Ransom

Sadly, in situations like these, one cannot.
I'm a counselor and I see this too often. These individuals hide in plain sight.
They can fool anyone. Thank you for sharing your experience.
The worse thing that anyone can do is have children with someone who has traits such as these. It's genetic.
Once children are involve, life becomes a nightmare.


That's a great question. The problem is that the men of today are also lost. Boys and girls cannot raise children.


I wept reading this. It's bad enough to be a single parent, but to have to deal with someone like CX on top of it, I can't imagine.


My sister's husband terrorized her so much with similar experices that you've described
She tried to kill herself. He smeared her name so badly that she was afraid to leave the house. He even tried to turn 'us' her family against her. Thanks for sharing. I love your blog.


Some men are such turds. Jeez!
Mine keeps accusing me of using his money to get my nails done and living high on $400 a month

Adura Ojo (Naijalines)

I have no words for such men. God give us strength!


Wow. I love this post. The world has gone mad. I see these lost children every day, every where.
I can't believe the damage that parents do to their children.
I am one of the lost children.


Kitten. I just love the way you pour your heart in your writing that is what makes you great.
I cry for my daughter reading this.


CX...what a nightmare!
I got chills reading this because my sister was in a similar situation.
Thanks for sharing your story. It's empowering. My sister was ashamed to talk to anyone and suffered in silence. He destroyed her life. Be careful and take care.


"Can we not join forces and become partners in raising our children?"
What a great question. I keep asking my ex this question. Can we please stop the madness and get along? But we can't seem to make it happen.

When I look at todays lost youth, I can clearly see how the sins of the parents have come upon thier children.


Reading this is like pouring salt on old wound. My ex-wife did the same things to me. I've even been accused of molesting my son. The courts believed her even though her lies were bizarre and contradictory. And she destroyed our son. Sadly, Kitten, it's hard for people to believe that people like our exes exist. I wouldn't have, if I hadn't been through it.

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