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Sunday, 02 June 2013


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Awww .... This post breaks my heart. *sniffles*


Big hugs.
You show up - that's what you do. Love you much.

Adura Ojo

Wow! Just wow. Some of these words I've been trying hard to find. Now I can say them (with the wisdom that you speak) to someone who would appreciate them. Thanks, Kitten.


Powerful and insightful! Your words sent chills up my spine.


Overflowing with tears. This is so sad.


Thomas could not give me what he does not have. He did not set out to intentionally hurt me – I got hurt because I tried to live in a house with a cracked foundation that could not sustain me.

yes, this.

much love as always.................


Tragic - Glad you were able to step away and now care with understanding.


This is a timely reminder for me. Thank-u.


I cry reading this post.


"Sniffles" I think I just forgave my ex. This line did it for me. "Thomas could not give me what he does not have."

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