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Tuesday, 30 July 2013


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I love that quote by GK Chesterton... put me back on track... thx skit. and enjoy ;)


Live, love and laugh. That's what we do in this life.


Wow. 1st time here. Gotta say, i love your site!! Thanks for sharing your insights.


This is not really a sad post yet it makes me cry. I wish I could live with such freedom.


I like booty-calls! @ Lisa, I know what you mean about feeling sad even though its not a sad post. I choked up too. interesting


Booty-call! Me loves those!!!


"But I am not one to put pleasure on hold, nor do I put off for tomorrow what I can have today. Tomorrow may not come."

Love this!! Take it when you get it, I always say.


“Why does it have to go anywhere? Why can’t it just be what it is? Why can’t we just enjoy each other and let the relationship play out in its own way in its own time – that’s how it’s going to happen anyway. Every story plays out - even if the story ends in death without warning. That’s the story,”

Wow! What bold and mind-blowing perspective!! It took me a moment to digest. then I realized that it's true.


Wow. Your writing is 'seductive'!

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