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Saturday, 20 July 2013


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:)You have the best attitude. I love that about you! Sadly, sometimes because we're not open to receiving love we miss it.


“Why can’t a fun date lead to a fun wife and a fun life?”
Ha! I love it. Classic Dr. Seuss line.


your posts never disappoint. :)


Lots of weirdos out there. I agree with Kiah, your posts never disappoint. I love your quotes.


Lots of humor in this post. I tried online dating. I know what he means that people post old pictures of themselves. U don't know what you're getting. Bad attitude though


Dating is hard, gotta smile through the madness. Love your site, Kitten!!


Sometimes we forget that "Love has always and will always be bittersweet." Why can't it just be sweet? :)


Dating is hard! This guy can't take the heat and should get out of the kitchen.

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