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Sunday, 11 August 2013


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Purr-fect! That a girl


I completely understand this. I've had several fantastic 'F-buddy' relationships. As long as there is honesty, I don't see anything wrong with it.


It all comes down to communication. Let's all be upfront about things! I got hurt once because I didn't ask the right questions. Sounds like a nice connection.


And where is God???


The way you weave words...#DeepSigh


What a spitfire you are! Heh. I wouldn't mind being that Sully guy. And yeah, guys have casual relationships all the time. It takes a mature woman to handle sex without commitment.


Having a casual relationship is a 'personal' decision.


:) luv you much, Cunt-ina!


OMG, kitten. This is such s sweet post. I met a Sully once. I still remember him16 years later.


Nostalgic! I had a love like this!
... frozen in time like a beautiful view that you were compelled to stop and bask in - a sunset that took your breath away - a stream that brought you back to childhood days when life was all about adventure – and you could not help but kick off your shoes, toss away your clothes and dive in.

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