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Thursday, 15 August 2013


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I don't think you overreacted. Always impressed how you are able to turn bad situations into positive. I would still be slamming doors


Your reaction was appropriate! Anyone would think that 'something' was going on. It does sound like a perfect ending. It's too bad this happened.


You've always been full of grace, sweetheart.


This is what I love about you!!! You put things into perspective and keep moving :)


Omg. I would be suspicious too. Who wouldn't? I'm glad you are able to keep stepping and not spend time being upset about this.


Way to go! Don't let things that doesn't matter, matter.
IF he cheated it's his deal.


This sounds so much like my life. I actually sent the link to the ex and he's been apologising although i told him we're good now


Heh. Sounds like dude was cheating, but the pung-tang can't be that good if he's still trying to get at yours.


Had a similar situation years ago and still not sure what the truth was but it doesn't matter anymore. One I wasted too much time with when I should have moved on ages before I did. You're right Kitten, the past belongs in the past.

Nadine Marie

After my girlfriends and I watched the movie, "Closer", (the one with Julia Roberts, Owen Clive, Jude Law, Natalie Portman), I posed the question --- if you had an affair, will you confess? I won't. If I truly love the person, I will spare them of the unnecessary pain of knowing about my own indiscretion. And most especially if we are going to part ways already, be it because of the affair or not. I feel when I do that, when I confess, voluntary or otherwise, it's only to lessen my guilt. And I'm not being fair to the person whom I betrayed. Relationship experts advise that we need to be honest and truthful, meaning admit the affair, and together, work towards restoring the trust. I agree and that I will do that if we choose to continue to be together.

I actually had the opposite experience. The guy I was seeing confessed to me an affair that I know didn't happen. And I know --- both my logical mind and intuitive self in agreement --- he did it only to make it easier for me to let him go. Later, when we got together as friends, he admitted to me what I had known and felt all along. He made it up. Kinda twisted but it happens.

At the end of the day, no matter what other people admit or not, it's our own inner compass, our instinct, that we can best rely upon to gauge the truthfulness of what's being revealed, or not.


I'm suspicious too. Wow. Great attitude!! It's no fun living with questions.


I had a similar situation. The 'not knowing' was very difficult. Took me years to realize that it didn't matter.

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