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Thursday, 26 September 2013


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Do you know how hard it is to meet someone who gets you excited?
I thought about the question and realize that it's damn hard. Mid 50's but only two names came to mind.

Nice place you have here.


What a great quote! I have no doubt that you will find your perfect love :)

Porcelain Lotus

Hold on to that feeling. Its so hard to find a person who excites you. I'm only 27 and I haven't found someone who excites me in a few years.


What a great quote!! I love the way you are not afraid to take chances. That's why you live such a rich life.


There are many great lines to choose from but this one said it best for me... "Don't think too much, just show up. Life may surprise you. But if it rains, dance in it,”

Been a looooong time since a man excite me. Maybe because instead of showing up, I make excuses NOT to show up. Thank you for this important reminder.


Insightful read! To live as openly as you do is inspiring.
I discuss your writing often in conversation with my friends.


Heya Kitten. I discovered your site few days ago and I can't stop reading!!!
What great role models you have. You have a new fan.


I tell my children that the only way to 'know' if something is or isn't is to show up. Win or lose don't matter. Just show up

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