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Saturday, 05 October 2013


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I don't think you leave too soon. You seem to know when it's time to cut loose and you don't hesitate. I love that about you.


You know you so well it's amazing :)


:) Knowing you should leave and 'actually' leaving is so hard to do. I hope to one day know how to flow.


We always want to know what 'if'? Leaving when you are more miserable than happy seems like a perfectly logical time to say sayonara - but it's hard because we want to keep hope alive especially if we're in love.


oh kitten...i love every post you write...i want to yell out 'Yes' everytime i read your posts.

"there’s a saying in sales that success is a numbers game. The more no’s you hear, takes you closer to a yes..."


I don’t believe that any love affair, no matter how short is meaningless. Sometimes the shortest ones take more of you than ones that lasted a long time.

I love that line...it was the darnest thing... I dated a guy for 3 months and when we broke up I was more devastated than when my previous relationship of 3 years ended. I didn't understand it. I agree that no relationship is meaningless.


Whenever I come here, I feel as if I am given a life lesson...this is quite a gift.


I smiled reading this post, just last week I was accused of having commitment issues because I won't settle for nonsense. I'm with you all the way, Kitten.


What a beautiful and post! I love the way you relate love/life to nature.


Aaaah... :) always feel so at home here. hey sis spirit.

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