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Saturday, 26 October 2013


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Porcelain Lotus

Loving the way you do probably makes you both crazy and brave. I think quite a few of us would be better off if we could learn to love that way too. I certainly could regularly use a reminder that it was never love that hurt.


'It was not love that left me wounded – it was hate and ugliness.'
What a great twist here!!! We are afraid to love again after we've been hurt. Heh...could be we fear the wrong thing.


love can destroy you if you don't know how brave you can afford to be. some people fall and never get up. I don't understand it but I've seen it.


I love how brave you are Kitten....I love that you leap in with both feet...and fully immerse yourself in this journey we call life...keep loving until you get it right...I'm taking notes ;-)


Self-love and confidence is important in the healing process. That's what makes us able to pick up the pieces and move forward. I get this post, kitten.


Kit... I wish I could love the way you do. I don't have it in me to keep picking up the pieces. I wish that finding love was easy, but aww well.


“Is there any other way to love - but completely?” I asked. “Can one love with reservation?”

Great questions! I don't think that one can TRULY love with reservation. Love forces us to put it all on the line.


One must heal their wounds before they can move on - this line hits home! I hold on to cancerous thoughts. I'm praying for the strength to let hurtful things/people go.

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