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Friday, 29 November 2013


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Porcelain Lotus

I would have to say yes. How could you possibly appreciate life if you lose your capacity for love? There is no life without love.


If someone tells me that they're not involved with anyone, my assumption is that they're not sleeping around. didn't know that I should specifically ask if someone is having sex. Silly me, I reckon.
Happy holidays kitten! I learn something new every time come here. lol


There is something beautiful and poetic about your writing :).


Happy holidays to you! It's crazy out there. It used to be that when someone is dating, they are looking for someone to spend time and have sex with. That is no longer true.


There is a new language to dating. I learned the hard way to not assume and ask specific questions.


You're a delightful read, Kitten. Your writing is powerful, I am completely pulled into your world. Keep up the amazing work. Best to you and your family this holiday season.


Your friend has clearly lost his way... I hope he finds his way back.

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