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Saturday, 25 January 2014


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I've had a few Houdini's. I can't respect a man like that either. As for Michael, its ironic that you found out about the other woman because he came back for sex from you. Doesn't seem like michael is done with you. just saying...

Porcelain Lotus

This is quite timely. I am in a situation where I believe ending it is the best thing to do. I'm not sure how to do it gracefully though.


Fantastic article! There is no easy way to break up with someone. But it's disrespectful to just disappear. That's a weak ass move


Just because a man wants to try something new doesn't mean he wants to let go of what he has. That is Clearly the case here since dude came back for more and incriminated himself. Lol.
Just keeping it real.


There is no painless way to break-up. I'm not graceful. the best way to break up with me is over the phone, text or email so I don't embarrass myself. And Kit...wouldn't some of us trip and fall in 4.5inch heels walking away :)


skits! lols! yea, i definately DESPISE houdini's so I am with you on this one 200% - miss ya! x


It's nice to catch up with your happenings kitten. This post cracked me up. I have no respect for the Houdini's of the world. Bad character is all.

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