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Friday, 21 February 2014


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this was just perfect... i have missed your art.

Porcelain Lotus

I think that naming your intuition is smart. If I had named mine, maybe I would have listened to her. I might have experienced much more passion and saved myself a lot of pain.


Awww, yes, Kitten. This post is a perfect reminder that love comes in all kinds of packages. beautiful post!


You bad, bad woman lol.
I happen to know that you have killer instincts. I will follow you anywhere. Never stop throwing your hat in the ring babe.


Good lord, woman. I had to go outside in the cold to have a cigarette. Welcome back, babe


Great article, Kitten.... We don't always show up in a shiny package wrapped with pretty bows:)


...And that's why you have so much fun despite everything!


Kitten... Wow! Stumbled on your site by accident. It's great. I can't stop reading...

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