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Friday, 04 April 2014


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I know this is a serious matter but LMAO through this. Very nice, Kitten. I do think that man was trying to kidnap you :)


Yeah- the penis guy = CLUELESS! I'm a 30-something who used to like dating older guys thinking they have it together. They maybe more financially secure than the younger guy but they come with a host of commitment issues including can't get an erection. lol. I don't mean to go there but that's what I've been coming up against these day. Fun, fun read Kitten.

Porcelain Lotus

I know why I used to settle for so little. It was because I felt like my choices were that little bit or nothing at all. I finally chose nothing at all and ended up finding more of myself than I have ever known. No more settling, and I'm glad that you aren't settling either.


as always, you just speak to my heart.... Thank you Kitten


Always the voice of sound logic and reason, Kitten.
I've settled and settling doesnt make a happy home. I also know that it takes a lot to hold out... Some days and nights can get real lonely


I've had several guys send me a pic of their business after a date or two- complete turn off! I'm not sure why they thought this was a good idea.


Philip: Major clueless and tacky.

"I am still dating and will not stop until I find someone who can stand brave and proud in what life has made of him - and still know how to smile - and live – because he understands that life goes on" AMEN!!!


My goodness! Lol. We are more critical as we get older, but we should. I always enjoy your views on life.


It's a wilderness out here, kitten. I thought that older men who have experienced life would have a better grasp of relationships. The worst are those who got married young and stayed married for a long period. They seem out of touch with women's needs. Some are plain desperate like the one who wouldn't take you home.


A lot of men eliminate themselves with their poor behavior. The guy who sent the pic needs to grow up. By the time men hits 30, you'd think they understand that a woman wants more than what's down there. Sadly, age has nothing to do with maturity.


Oh Kitten, how I've missed reading your posts...the way you weave your words...stunning. I'm totally with you on wanting "a love affair that is respectful and kind and passionate – free of cruelty, lies and deceit – one that values me beyond the need to penetrate me". Nothing wrong with that and that man is definitely out there and worth waiting for.


I'm always impressed by your beautiful and insightful writing. I share your difficulty meeting someone who I want to spend my life with. I'm holding out.


Thank you kitten. twelve years into my unhappy marriage I remembered thinking this cannot be it. It took another five angry years to leave. We could've saved ourselves a lot of trouble if we accepted that we didn't belong together and part as friends.

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