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Tuesday, 10 June 2014


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This is a sad but inspiring post, Kitten.


Love this! Still I Rise is one of my favorite Maya Angelou poems.


I've come to accept that the life I think I want may not be the life I was meant to live

this....is the key to many doors, I think
i work on it
hope I always will


I agree...dragging around pain is debilitating and destructive. We have to find a way to let go and move on. Reallly nice post


you cross my mind often, kindred spirit. stay rising.

Funms- The Rebirth

"“I feel that my life thus far has been a great adventure filled with obstacles that I never saw coming. But I've come to accept that the life I think I want, may not be the life I was meant to live. I still go after what I want, but when life throws me a curve, I take my hits, learn my lessons, and roll with the punches. I’ve taught my heart to approach life with humor and be adaptable,”

I needed to read that! Thank you

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