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Monday, 21 July 2014


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Sigh. I can't be with a person i can't talk to. There's just no way


Great post! Whether you a man or a woman, people treat you the way you allow them.


I appreciate this! :)


Women and men should know when to move on when a relationship is not working. People change if they want and when they want. If a relationship is not what you want, it's up to you to leave. It's that simple. I enjoy this post.


I feel this one Kitten. I've been in what you'd call a going-nowhere relationship for a 3 years. It's time to pull the plug. Thanks for the shove. :)


how is it that even now that I am not publishing my rambling words....
your words so often seem entangled with mine?
different situations
different many things




adura ojo

I was thinking...(given what Clark said) you might as well get a dildo. Then you said it! Our minds think alike. As always, so many truths in this post. Isn't it funny though that one has the conviction and insight the wiser one gets on the road well traveled?

adura ojo

I meant the conviction that 'I deserve a better man and I deserve to be treated better.' I think when most of us are younger we are more likely to make excuses for the guy and adjust to what he wants rather than looking out for ourselves.

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