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Sunday, 31 August 2014


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how is it that you read the words
that I'm not even writing...


Thank you! This was right on time. I knew something was wrong with declaring unconditional love for this one person in my life but I'd been struggling to define why I felt so out of sorts with it.


Thanks for this article, Kitten. I'm with you. My love is conditional! I am sick and tired of women and men who stay in bad relationships because they say they love unconditionally. That makes no sense.

Porcelain Lotus

It's amazing how your posts always seem to touch a spot in my life that was recently brought to my attention and needs addressing.


A most delightful and refreshing post
Kitten. Saying we love a man/woman unconditionally sounds romantic, but inconditional love has never made sense to me. What if someone is a serial killer and eat babies, do we still love them unconditionally? Lie, cheat, abuse? Do we still love them? I don't think so.

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