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Sunday, 19 October 2014


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Kitten, I admire your handling of this strange situation.
God bless


Love the great attitude, Kitten. The post has me reflecting on many things.


I don't know many women who would be so reasonable. Kudos


I've always admired your grace in difficult situations :)

Nadine Marie

Totally agree Kitten. No such thing as mistakes, or, as you said, wasted. Everything serves a purpose. There's always a growth opportunity --- if we cease it.


I think you've being kind calling Michael a nice guy. let me see if i understand this...
1. he cheated on you with this woman
2. he ask her to marry him
3. but he's still hooking up with you
4. you don't know that he got engaged
5. his fiance doesn't know that he's still seeing you
6. three days before his wedding, because he wanted to continue seeing you, (i'm guessing that's his reason for the delay) he sent you a text that he is getting married. Did i get this right?? Scratching my head, lord have mercy.

i'm sorry, love but this doesn't sound like much of a nice guy.


You lady....are one amazing type of woman. I laughed when I read the 'pussy' part. Lol

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